Training Table.

Training Table.

Schedule(s) used – combination of numbered training schedules used in the test (click on the first instance of any schedule to view the sessions used.)

Coaches – Man = manager, AM = assistant manager, C = general coach, 2C = two general coaches, etc., F = fitness coach, GK = goalkeeping coach.

Position changes – Tck = tackling, Mar = marking, and so on, as per Football Manager’s abbreviations.

Total attribute changes – how the summed total of the squad’s attributes has changed at the end of the test period, compared to the start.

Positive and negative change amounts – numbers are again across the whole squad, so -24 for Tck means that the squad as a whole is 24 points worse at tackling at the conclusion of the test.

CodeTime In JobSchedulesCoachesChangeBestAmountWorstAmountComment
*0012511Man, AM, 1C, 1F, GK-285Jum3Pas & Fin-19
*0022511Man, AM, 1C, 2F, GK-285Jum3Fin & OTB-19
*0032511Man, AM, 3F, GK-242Kic9Tck-24
*0042511Man, AM, 4F, GK-293Jum4Pas & Fir-20
*0052511Man, AM, 9F, GK-301Kic9Tck-25Schedule 1 is clearly not worth tweaking
*0062512Man, AM, 1C, 1F, GK-9many0Bra-3
*0072512Man, AM, 1C, 2F, GK-3Vis, Jum, Cmp, Bal2Bra-9
*0082512Man, AM, 3F, GK-5Hea2Bra-3
*0092512Man, AM, 4F, GK-8Ant1Bra-12
*0102512Man, AM, 9F, GK13Wor, Str, Sta, Jum, Dec, Ant2Bra-3I don’t feel I’m getting full value for the additional fitness coaches from Test 10.
*0112512Man, AM, 1C, 1F, GK-18Jum2Sta, Bra-511-15 are repeats of 5-10, with more consistency around the coaching staff used.
*0122512Man, AM, 1C, 2F, GK315 attributes1Sta-5
*0132512Man, AM, 3F, GK-1315 attributes1Bra-10
*0142512Man, AM, 4F, GK-17GKS2Bra-4
*0152512Man, AM, 9F, GK2Ant, Aer, Jum2Sta-4
*0162512Man, AM, 1C, 1F, 1A, GK2Aer, Wor3Bra-7
*0172512Man, AM, 1C, 2F, 1A, GK-12Vis2Bra-5
*0182512Man, AM, 3F, 1A, GK-16Vis, Agi2Bra-8
*0192512Man, AM, 4F, 1A, GK0Wor2Bra-5
*0202512Man, AM, 9F, 1A, 1GK5Lon3Str, Bra-3Up to now, 12 is the most promising setup, but it didn’t work as well with the addition of an attacking coach (17) – I’m going to try some more variants of this, though.
*0212512Man, AM, 1C, 2F, 1T, GK6Agi2Sta-4This is Test 12, with an added Technical coach.
*0222513Man, AM, 1C, 2F, 1T, GK-6Jum2Bra-4This is Test 21, with the schedule changed.
*0232514Man, AM, 1C, 2F, 1T, GK-3012 attributes1Bra-8This is Test 22, with the schedule changed.
*024a2515Man, AM, 1C, 1F, 1T, GK8Jum3Bra-9This is Test 23, with the schedule changed.
*024b2515Man, AM, 1C, 1F, 1T, GK8Vis3Bra -5Repeat of Test 24, looking at tolerance levels.
*0252516Man, AM, 1C, 1F, 1T, GK-14Vis2Bra-6downloaded from website, as barometer
*0262512,5, repeatMan, AM, 1C, 1F, 1T, GK16Bal, Aer, Pac2Acc, Det, Dri-1

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