Stumbling around, drunk.

Stumbling around, drunk.

I didn’t remember leaving the pub – I still don’t remember being in the pub, for that matter – and I didn’t know where I was, either.

Some of the landmarks looked familiar, though. The statue of a rampant horse in the town square, standing out beneath the waning light, and if the horse is there, then I know the bus-stop is somewhere close by, even if, in my delicate state, I can’t be certain which direction it is.

Then I fell on my face. I landed, and rose again, with an unpleasant curse, but when I managed to stand up again, I had been reoriented by some 90 degrees.

Through the fog of alcohol, and the pain of hitting the ground, I think I can spy the arches of McDonald’s somewhere in front of me, and the horse-statue is somewhere to my left. Now I have two landmarks instead of the one, it must surely make my journey to the bus-stop a lot easier.

I might not reach my destination any time soon, but I’ve got more of an idea where I am going. The chances are that my distances are still out, but at least I am pointing in the right direction.

Eventually, drunken adventures come to an end. Why not celebrate managing to find your bed, by getting someone to pour you another glass of wine? Original -hackensackmeridianhealth. Effects by Lunapic.

And the same idea is afoot with the training schedules I am doing in FM. Beyond the blindingly obvious – not killing your players by making every single session a physical one – I don’t really know what works, and what won’t.

But I am hopeful that training schedule 12 has given me the first glimpse of the rearing horse-statue, standing whitish somewhere in the distance. Whether that is the case or not, I will get home to bed eventually – but there will certainly be a lot of stumbling, and swearing, yet.

UPDATE: the latest update to the table, March 8, labelled *026, would suggest that alternating sets of schedules are more beneficial than just one, repeated. That’s interesting, and something I’ll be doing further work on.

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