#Project4704 – player distribution.

#Project4704 – player distribution.

I am trying to spot patterns in the way players are distributed on the field, when formations are either successful, or unsuccessful, against each other.

I have split the pitch into sections, in the same way Football Manager does – into defensive, defensive midfield, central midfield, attacking midfield, and attacking strata. I’m also interested in how many players are stationed in wide positions. So, when, for instance, the 4-5-1 formation shows that five players are placed in central midfield, it means the horizontal central midfield strata, and two of them are out wide.

When the ‘H/A’ column is ‘H’, it means that success was had by the away team, when playing against that formation. When it’s ‘A’, it’s the formation the away team was using. The ‘AwayResult’ column is the sum of the wins and draws the away team had, either playing against, or using, the formation on the left:

I said before that it looked to me as though the defensive, and central, midfield strata were the most important ones, and that’s where you should be chucking most of your resources. Perhaps the attacking midfield strata is more significant than the central midfield area, though.

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